Wednesday, September 11, 2013

[Green Thumb] An Introduction.

Hey all!
I had mentioned the other day that I would be starting a new feature on the blog about growing your own gardens hosted by Sam. For those of you just tuning in you can read a little about him here, here and here. I have never met anyone more passionate about organic gardening, plants and educating others about these topics so in my opinion he's the perfect person for the job! I've asked him to write a little something introducing himself to you all which you will find below accompanied by various pictures I've taken in his gardens both here and in Hawaii. So without further ado... 

What's up Bloggas?! This is crazy!

When Joy asked me if I'd be interested in writing a little for her blog, how could I refuse? I am, after all, her biggest fan AND the one who greedily eats more of her food than the rest of you combined, but beyond that I figured it'd be an awesome way to share a little about what I'm passionate about. Joy and I get along for a plethora (oh the vocab!) of reasons, but without a doubt the most relevant is that our passions complement each other: I grow the food, and she cooks it! Match made in heaven right? I agree.

We'll get to that a little more soon, but for now I just wanted to share with you what you can expect out of me, and I'm hoping it'll inspire you guys (yes, I live in Texas, and no, I don't say "y'all") to get back to the basics, too. 

I believe in three very simple concepts that are 100% universal...or at least they were once upon a time:

1- Everyone should grow at least a portion of their own food.

2- Everyone should lead healthy, active lives.

3- Everyone should take care of the planet we call home.

Simple stuff, yeah? Now granted, not everyone has ten green thumbs like me; not everyone has a lot of free time or a job that gets them a killer tan and workout every day; not everyone cares about the future. That's why I want to blog with Joy, though! I want you all to know and see and [hopefully] geek out about how easy it really is to make these concepts a reality in your life, because man...few things are more satisfying than eating your first home-grown-BY-YOU tomato or better yet, sitting down to a meal wherein every single item came from your own homestead, time, and energy. I'll show you how to do it, teach what to look out for, and if you're nice, I'll even teach ya some tricks that will give you bragging rights in your community!

I'm not big on shorthand, but I feel it's necessary at this point to say, "Oh em effing gee this is going to be awesome." Yeah. That just happened. I'll be in touch...


  1. Well I'm excited for this even if no one else is! :p

    1. Sam & Joy, I'm glad that I stumbled upon this blog today. It has a positive, gentle message comfortable for someone like me still in the beginning of a vegan lifestyle. Thanks!