Sunday, April 13, 2014

Yellow Curry Hummus (Vegan, Gluten Free)

It's 7:30 on a Sunday morning. I've been wide awake for a good hour now. I have no good reason for this, I have no plans, no place to be. In fact, I am quite sure the reason for my early rise is the fact that I passed out before 8:30 on a Saturday night. Am I the lamest person who has ever existed? Does it make me lamer (more lame?) still that it doesn't bother me that I feel asleep so early? Or does this just confirm what my sister has been telling me for years? That I am a crocheting, quilt-making, cookie-baking, 27 year old grandma. 

Whatever the consensus, believe it or not I did not sign into Blogger today to talk about my sleeping habits (or my lack of a life apparently). I am here because a few day ago on Instagram I (@loveofleaves) posted a photo of the giant bowl of hummus I was consuming and promised that I would share the recipe soon. It's been a few days. I think the suspense has been built up long enough.

This delicious hummus recipe was not, in fact a result of my pure genius when it comes to creating in the kitchen. I stumbled upon it by pure chance. I eat a lot of hummus and the kind I really like (ironically enough named Gramma's Hummus) is five dollars per tub, with maybe two cups per container. I won't make you do the math, but let me just say that my hummus habit gets pretty expensive. Last week I decided to get back in the habit of making my own hummus, it doesn't take long and it will save me a lot of money over time. So while I was tossing the garlic and the lemon juice into the food processor I searched through my cupboards for anything else that may make this hummus taste good enough to convince myself it's worth the small effort to continue making it at home. That's when I saw the turmeric.

Turmeric has been getting a lot of attention lately and it is well deserved. It's a bright yellow-orange spice used in many foods from curry to yellow mustard. The reason it's been in the spotlight is because of it's high anti-inflammatory properties. It has been shown to help those with ailments such as arthritis, cystic fibrosis, psoriasis, high cholesterol, various bowel disorders as well as many more. This root spice is also high in manganese, iron, potassium and contains many other important minerals. Apart from all that, it has a great flavor. I always add a little turmeric to my scrambled eggs or other dishes where its bright color won't affect the appearance of the food. So when I spotted it in the cupboard while making my hummus, I figured what's the harm in trying it and sprinkled some into the food processor. Only my clumsy hands turned the delicate sprinkle into more of a spasm that resulted in adding more turmeric than I had planned. Fortunately, for all of us my klutziness resulted in some mighty tasty hummus.

Yellow Curry Hummus
  • 2 cups cooked chickpeas (garbanzo beans)
  • 1 large clove of garlic
  • 1 tablespoon tahini
  • juice from half a lemon
  • 1 tablespoon turmeric
  • sea salt and fresh ground pepper to taste
Throw all the ingredients into a food processor and blend until smooth. Store in the refrigerator. Serve with pretzels, pita chips, carrots, sliced red pepper, cucumber or other favorite vegetables.

P.S.- I had a fantastic time in Puerto Rico! To see some pictures from the trip, head to my Instagram (@loveofleaves)
P.P.S- I believe I still need to announce the winner from the giveaway in my last post. The winner is (drum roll please)... Joyti! I'll be getting in touch with you soon to figure out where to send your energy bars.

I hope you all are doing wonderfully. What have you been up to this past month? Have you ever accidentally made an awesome recipe? I want to hear about it!


  1. It was so good, in fact, that I didn't even get any of it beyond my sample spoon...and I'm the official eater of the food that comes from this blog! We WILL be making more. ;)

    1. Hahaha yeah it was my lunch like three days in a row.

  2. This looks amazing! I love hummus, but you are so right - it's so expensive :O

    1. sooooo expensive :-/
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Yum! That looks delicious.
    p.s. I'm totally a grandma-type also - cardigan loving, tea and cat loving grandma type :)

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