Friday, May 3, 2013

Favorite Things Friday.

First off I want to apologize for my absence this week. I don't know how many people actually read this blog on a regular enough basis, but for those of you who noticed (and expressed concern) I apologize. Creating this blog is something I've wanted to do for awhile and it amazes me that people actually want to read it. So thank you for caring, it really means a lot. 

This week has been all out of whack. I've been working day shifts, which means I'm working when I'm usually blogging and hanging out with people when I'm usually working and fitting school work in between. Not to mention Monday we got hit with a heat wave so I spent the entire day in the park because I knew snow would be coming again on Wednesday. Seriously, I got slightly sun burnt on Monday laying out in the park in shorts and a tank top and then we were hit with a snow storm two days later. Colorado is crazy.

Plus my computer is nearing the end of its life. This picture does not do it justice. The screen is connected to the keyboard merely by wires and it no longer holds itself up (it's currently propped up against a vase of lemons). And yes, it is held together by packing tape. This week I just was not feeling very motivated to blog and when your computer is as slow as molasses it doesn't exactly help (I've already yelled at it four times writing this post). Keep for fingers crossed that it holds out awhile longer because it'll take me a little while to save the money for a new computer. No computer = no blogging.

Anyway, on to the main event. I want to start a new feature on For the Love of Leaves that highlights some of my favorite things from the week. A chance for me to show-off some of the awesome blogs I read during the week or whatever else strikes my fancy. Does that sound good to you? I hope so 'cause I'm doing it anyway!

Favorite Idea.

Unfortunately Kristin is doing some work on her blog this morning so I couldn't snag a picture, but I love her idea of sharing her favorite things from the week. So yes, this idea was totally stolen from her. Go check out her blog, it's full of tasty recipes! Even though I don't eat a lot of the food she does, her posts are fun to read and I find I can alter many of her recipes to my liking. 

Favorite Blog.

I mentioned Em and her blog in my last post. She comes up with the tastiest looking recipes accompanied by drool-worthy photos and a goofy sense of humor. Plus since her desserts are made with raw, wholesome ingredients you can enjoy them without feeling guilty about it. Getting vital nutrients while eating dessert? Yes, please!

Favorite Day of the Week.
(I apologize this picture is out of focus). 
Every Sunday night Molly and I have dinner with four of our friends. We cooked dinner for everyone our first Sunday night here and a tradition was instantly born. We have since  kept it to homemade pizza, salad and beer out of simplicity, but it's the highlight of our week nonetheless. This past weekend we were able to enjoy dinner outside! Molly made the pizzas and I made coconut milk ice cream with brownie chunks topped with fresh blackberries for dessert- so good! This week we're thinking about switching it up and making fish tacos and margaritas since it'll be Cinco de Mayo!

Favorite Song.
Mirrors -Justin Timberlake

Laugh all you want, but I cannot stop listening to this song. I recognize the fact that it's nothing brilliant, but what can I say? I hear Justin's voice and the twelve-year-old girl in me comes out. His little dance at the end of this video is ridiculous, I can't take it seriously, but I can't help but love the guy anyway.

Favorite blog post.

I'm a huge fan of Dana. You may recognize her and her husband John from their blog Minimalist Baker (another one of my favorite blogs).This post was full of wise words that I needed to hear this week. I would summarize it, but you should really just head over there and read it for yourself.

Favorite Snack.
Frozen Grapes
I cannot remember who introduced me to them or where I was the first time I tried frozen grapes, but I do know it was life-changing. I realize that sounds slightly dramatic, but for someone who more times than not craves something sweet, cold and juicy at the end of the day this is a game-changer. They're usually my go-to movie snack. It's perfect if you're the type of person who enjoys popping something in your mouth (like buttery popcorn or chips) and the texture is great for satisfying that craving for ice cream. And it couldn't be easier! Buy grapes. Freeze grapes. Eat grapes.

Okay, I think that's all for this week's edition, come back next week to find out what other cool stuff I've come across. And I'll be back either later today or tomorrow with another recipe. For now, I've got some grocery shopping to do!

Happy Friday!
What are some of your favorite things this week?


  1. I think I led you onto frozen grapes! At our coffee shop meeting, no? Awesome Friday blog, Joy!! Keep up the good work - we all love you!!

    1. Thanks Alana! We did talk about frozen grapes, didn't we? I forgot about that. I've been eating them for years, but you probably reminded me about them!

  2. You should definitely look into some kind of natural and organic fruit ales instead of the frequently GMO-ed wheat-based beers. You'd be surprised how many amazing hard ciders and things are out there, and then you could even post some "recipes" for the ciders, too!

    1. I love fruit ales and ciders! You're right, there are a lot of good ones out there! It's our friends who always bring over the drinks so I don't have much control in that area, but maybe I'll stock up on some different drink options for this week. Thanks for stopping by and for the suggestion!