Saturday, April 6, 2013

[Road Trippin'] Rhode Island to Colorado

Well, we made it! We arrived on Thursday at one o'clock and went straight to work opening bank accounts, signing leases, running errands and of course, moving in. Our cottage looks a little more moved-in compared to two days ago, but we're still waiting on some important stuff like furniture, pots and silverware. Hopefully, that stuff will arrive soon or we may be seeing some raw and/ or creative recipes on here. One thing is for sure, we're getting our full servings of veggies with all the salads we've been eating!

Anyway, back to the trip....

Bags are packed, I'm ready to go! This is the first time in years that I knew I'd be staying in one place for at least a year, so it was nice to be able to take all of my stuff.

I have yet to join the twenty-first century and buy a GPS. I still write out directions on a piece of paper.

I totally forgot to take pictures until we got to Illinois and I saw the largest cross I have ever seen in my life. Yes, it is taller than that semi. Yes, it is taller than the street lights.

Meet me in St. Louis!
 I've been wanting to check out this city for a couple years now, but it just hasn't happened for me.  We both wanted to stop and explore, but we knew it would be best to keep on trucking along.

We did pull off the highway long enough to drive by the arch.

Molly found this sweet little vegan restaurant in Kansas City, MO where we had planned to eat dinner, but we arrived a few hours before schedule. We decided to stop in and check it out anyway. I ordered an Apple Tonic to go. The combination of steamed fresh apple juice, apple cider vinegar and cinnamon was delicious. I really wanted to try their cashew soft serve and milkshakes, but it was a little too cold outside. While I was ordering my drink, Molly went next door to Little Freshie and got a Spicy Ginger Fizz (think Italian soda loaded with fresh and cooked ginger). This little cafe was adorable, we instantly fell in love with it. Plus, the woman working was super friendly and even helped us figure out our travel plans. If you ever find yourself on West 17th Street in Kansas City, stop in and check it out. 

The whole city seemed really cool, I definitely want to come back and explore some more. Missouri proved me wrong, I assumed it was just flat farm land like Nebraska or Kansas, but in reality it was full of rolling hills, lots of rivers and creeks and some pretty sweet cities.

When we got out of the car in Kansas, Molly noted the many bugs who met their fate with the front of her Subaru.

Hazy, Kansas sunrise.

They love their windmills in Kansas. 

I loved seeing all the farmhouses. 

Almost to the finish line!

Still as flat as Kansas though.

The sky is so much bigger out west.

First view of the mountains.

And this is where I live now.

Thanks for letting me share some pictures of my road trip. The thirty hour drive wasn't bad at all. Molly and I were tempted to just keep driving to California. Hopefully, I'll be back soon with some more recipes.

Have you ever been to any of these states? 
Do you live in one of them?
If you live in Kansas what do you do all day?

Peace & Love,

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